About Us

Kythera symbolizes Utopian Communities. A place for people to rejoice, come together and celebrate life through the medium of Arts. We host experiences where you can express yourself and belong.

We have a Simple mission – Building Resilient Communities Through Arts.

Resilient – because vulnerability and communion makes us stronger. And the stronger we are, the better we overcome obstacles.

Community – where you are heard, where you contribute, where you belong. The right community is where you make the best of friends.

Arts – Because it’s a form of language without any right or wrong. It’s a pure form of expression. And expressing ourselves makes us fulfilled.

Our Events –

Kythera Jam: A Jamming Session for all kinds of Music and Sound enthusiasts. From Amateurs to Professionals, Kythera Jam serves as a community to connect with other humans for the pure joy of music and community. Even if you just enjoy clapping or whistling along with the tunes, you are welcome to join in.

Sharing Circle: Sharing circles is an attempt to build a safe space for people to come together and share their thoughts, feelings, emotions, or experiences in different forms like music, dance, activities, stories or poems. Its an effort to allow us as a community to open up with our peers and express oneself.

Our Past.

As technology keeps taking commonplace in our lives, we’ve started losing touch of meeting people in person, face to face, sharing our combined energies in a space. Our ancestors recognized the power of shared celebration in the form of communal dances, communal music sessions, stories under a tree and so on. All these were ways for us as humans to bond with each other and share a common culture that we co-create.

Kythera was started to make us relive these experiences as a way to form stronger relationships with each other. Thereby creating, fostering and reimagining a common culture between the inhabitants of a city, forming stronger local communities and showcase the importance of Arts in our lives.

We started in July, 2016 as we hosted our first event called Bandwagon Movement, a celebration of our streets as public space. We took inspiration from our Indian traditions and planned a street procession through the city with thumping Djembe beats and Live Folk songs, as we danced our way through the city.

Bandwagon Movement – Aftermovie!

Just when you thought it was over, here we are to take you back in time!A sneak peek into what happened on 16th July, 2016. The Bandwagon Movement. Just one crazy thing that marks the beginning of a new journey in Jaipur, of Jaipur. #BandwagonMovement #Jaipur

Posted by Kythera on Saturday, July 23, 2016

Since then we have worked in various aspects of spreading Arts and Culture seeds in our Neighbourhood.

Hosting Community Events –

We started hosting regular events for the Musician community. We call it Kythera Jam, a networking and jamming meetup for artists to find other artists from the city and collaborate with them.

We hosted Kythera OpenJam for over 3 years and has created a community of over 200 artists in the city of Jaipur. Many bands, friendships, and collaborations have emerged from these jams some of them are – Atrangi Funkaar, Prologue Collective, Postcard Collective and multiple independent singer-songwriters.

Artist Management –

Providing artists a platform to perform at local venues like Cafes, Pubs and Clubs and even wedding and conference events. We have represented 30 artists to more than 50 venues across the city, hosting upwards of 150 live gigs.

Artists – Vipul Ajmera, Atrangi Funkaar, Akash Chopra, Gautam Gupta, Aashreya Baweja

Venue Programming –

With our expertise in Independent and Local music, we have worked with venues to curate monthly programming calendars for them. Curating a line up of artists based on genre, occassion, budget and even inviting artists from neighbouring cities such as Delhi and Mumbai to perform in Jaipur.

Venues – Kafka, Fat Lulu’s, Anantaya

Travelling Artist Collaborators – Janvi Anand, Srijit Bhowmick, Teesta Galway

Kythera Island –

Kythera Island was our ideal project of running and managing a Cultural Space in the city. Our aim was to become the Social Fabric of the City. A vision so bold, clear and important as we lose touch with our culture and humanity, and cities just become a place for efficiency.

Kunal Shah on Culture and Cities. And Atray's response.

Kythera Island was a new age cultural hub concept being the bridge between Cafes, Art Spaces and Recording Studio. With an idea of day-long programming of Workshops, Sessions, Performances, Exhibitions and Community events, it was imagined as the place for people to come and enjoy their time at.

We ran Kythera Island in association with Jaipur Jantar Backpackers Hostel for 3 months, hosting approximately 6 events each week with various collaborations with artists, brands and institutes.

Some of the highlights were ACRI Networking meetup, Contemporary Dance performance by Michel Casanovas, Eri – a multi artform performance by Sunara and Tunde, Urban Farming Workshop, Manjha – A Mental Health Fundraiser and many more.